Success Stories

Always had they answer and he he didn’t know he would get back to us as soon as possible. He took us to many houses unti we finally found the right one. He never pressured us to buy or to look at a house. Waited till we found the right one and were happy then he helped us buy and get everything together.“-Tony

Could not imagine using anyone else. Doug created the most pleasant experience while getting more for my house than I could believe!“-Jim

Doug was instrumental in helping my family purchase our first home. We first met about going with another rental and Doug was able to help me navigate the complicated world of purchasing a home. He worked with us diligently until we found a home that met all of our needs. Thanks Doug!“-Russ

If you need a realtor he is the man to go to and will get the job done! He is a also genuinely cares about his clients, is very personable, and makes every effort to do the best he can do for them!“-James

Doug was very enthusiastic and willing to work hard to sell my home. He took time to explain everything during the process and if he didn’t immediately know the answer to a question he took the time to find an answer and get right back to me. He was very thorough and upfront about everything that was needed and his direct but helpful demeanor was greatly appreciated. He welcomed panic calls whenever we needed a voice of reason and he really stuck by us. He really went above and beyond and I would highly recommend Doug to anyone!“-Shelly

Doug Gallagher by far ranks #1 Here is Why I say this: My husband and I had decided it was time to start searching for our Forever HOME. My husband is retired from the Air Force. We met Doug G allagher at an event on Dove Air Force Base. . We talked briefly of our intentions to buy in the near future. This was in May 2015. A couple months later we were ready to begin our search. We called Doug and he helped us get started. We were definite on somethings we wanted in our home and some Doug helped to guide us. We learned a great deal from him in things to watch for. It was about 10 months from the time we started looking to the time we selected our home. He was right there every step always helpful. He never gave up on us even though I believe some probably would have. He stuck by us with no pressure and always told us when the right one comes along he will be there and help to make it happen. We had even selected a home only to change our mind the very next morning. It had definite things we wanted but some we didn’t. We felt almost to the point that we wouldn’t find exactly what we wanted and was going to downgrade our expectations. We called Doug to tell him, thinking this guy is going to not take us seriously. Instead, he showed us nothing but patients and kindness and reassured us he will find us our forever home. With Doug’s help we finally found our dream home and was so excited. I think Doug was pretty excited also. It was March 2016. Yes Doug stood by us for 10 months showing us home after home and always encouraging us. A contract was written and accepted and we were on our way to becoming homeowners. There were lots of details that had to be handled and Doug handled them promptly. The day had arrived and it was time to settle on our home. Then, we had a huge let down. The phone rings and it was our mortgage consultant from the finance company my husband and I had chosen. He called to tell us Our loan that had already been approved and disclosures signed and settlement date in place was now DENIED TWO HOURS before CLOSING. He couldn’t give us an explanation nor could his boss. We were devastated and called Doug. He told us not to panic and said to call Robert Shaner @ Caliber Home Loans. We both have grown to trust Doug so we called and between Doug working the contract extensions and Robert from Caliber expediting our loan application we were able to settle on the very same home we had chosen in less than a month. The other mortgage company came back a few weeks later ready to settle after they found their errors. No longer needed of course. Because of Doug Gallagher and his knowledge and quick actions we are now living in our Forever Home. Doug I cant thank you enough for being there for us. You did an amazing job and we couldn’t be happier.